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Our Philosophy

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Chan Buddhism emphasizes cultivating daily mindfulness and developing greater self-awareness, compassion and wisdom.In the spirit of sincerity and openness, we invite you to practice and learn together with us. We offer meditation classes, chanting sessions, discussion groups, library collection and much more.




·        Help people find their peace of mind.


·        Guide people who are on the way of awakenings.


·        Provide a learning centre for the communities to apply Chan to their lives.


·        Continue Master Sheng Yen’s mission to uplift the character of humanity and build a Pure Land on earth.


Guiding Principle


"The Dharma is so good, yet so few people know about it and so many people misunderstand it."

We are practitioners who are interested in learning the nature of Buddha's teachings and the Chan way of life. We are also followers of the founder, Venerable Master Sheng-Yen (1930 – 2009).


Venerable Master Sheng Yen's teachings provide rich grounds upon which we can cultivate an uplifting vision and philosophy in our own lives. Click below to learn more about the meaning and value of life, from a uniquely Chan perspective: