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每個星期日9點至12點,法鼓山新澤西州分會舉行上午禪修,內含八式動禪,兩柱香,以及ㄧ柱自由香可經行,禪坐,或禮佛。在結束前,我們會有佛法分享。我們很榮幸能有果廣法師在 11/7, 11/21, 12/5, 和 12/19 帶領我們禪修。在午齋後,法師會有ㄧ個小時的時間讓對禪修有疑問者個別討論。 
共修內容: 讚佛偈,六字、四字佛號,止靜坐念 ,三皈依,功德迴向    
Rebecca and David have been leading the Meditation Workshop monthly in our center for more than six years. They are experienced Chan practitioners and have a lots to offer in the Chan teaching. In the workshop, you will learn how to apply Dharma and meditation practice to daily life, how to de-